Shnierer House Design Bureau Tasmania
Shnierer House Design Bureau Tasmania
Shnierer House Design Bureau Tasmania
  • Client: williams/shnierer house
  • Designer: design bureau tasmania
  • Date: 2014

williams/shnierer house

this house is designed for a very steep south facing block of land situated in sandy bay on the outskirts of hobart.

6 directions + centre was employed to ground the building, encourage light in and give occupants a sense of place and orientation. bunkered into the ground is a monolithic brutalist concrete structure. the home has everything, hard yet soft and warm, heavy but with a sense of lightness.

to achieve light a hole was cut through the double height building allowing eastern and northern sun light to penetrate deep into the building. this created a sunny courtyard which most rooms look into with fruit trees and vegetables growing up the wall. from here occupants have connection to ground sky and all cardinal points.

the owners requested privacy so the building was placed below street level. access into the building is across the roof on a board walk into a light weight sculptural pavilion. from here stairs wind down into the building, a handrail carved out of the concrete wall allowing the patina of oils from the family to remain with continued use. the roof, a reflection pond is covered in water and water plants, it reflects the sky and the trees camouflaging the home. the threshold extends to street appearing to float on water creating a sense of lightness to the otherwise heavy mass.

tasmanian hardwood screens provides privacy to the courtyard, the pattern of the screen imprinted into external concrete walls creating light and shade and dappled light through the screen further adding to the feeling of lightness.

floor to ceiling glazing allows ample thermal gain on the polished slab floors and excellent prospect out into the native bushland. the kitchen and ceilings were detailed in hoop ply giving the interior warmth as were the 30 mm internal floor to ceiling ply doors creating oversized openings. the kitchen island bench is off form concrete as is the 400mm wide hearth which runs full width of the lounge room. a window seat cantilevers out into the garden. The plan is narrow allowing ample light and good cross ventilation.

light also comes through skylights which allows the beautiful patterns of water from the roof pond to reflect throughout.