design bureau is a multi disciplinary team of architects, designers and builders. we specialise in urban design, commercial, retail, hospitality, tourism, heritage, mixed use, residential, multi residential projects & interior design. we also work in collaboration with other design offices both in hobart and melbourne, providing flexibility in scope and size of work undertaken. this cohesive and collaborative approach, which encompasses a full investigation and interrogation of the brief, is found to have far better design outcomes than any individual view.


we take a wholistic design approach. design outcomes are informed by client identity, site specifics & the project brief. the architecture takes cues from its context, it responds to site condition & local climate. other considerations include social sustainability, environmental sustainability, commodity, firmness & delight. we aim to seek an architectural narrative that conveys a sense of time and place that celebrates our unique australian way of life. we design for the user, an architecture for people, which is considered, detailed and highly crafted.


design bureau + [db+] is a research arm which examines the organisation of space, australian cultures within space and identity. with cultures come, cultures gone & cultures still here, our aim is to understand & conceptualise cultural difference. not focus on the orthodox idea of culture. deterritorialisation has destabilised a sense of belonging within ourselves and others. we need to reterritorialize, a native place making regardless of class, gender, race and sexuality, to create a functioning living urban organism with healthy eco systems. a pragmatic utopian architecture.

other areas of research is housing affordability - small house project - housing for the masses.

db+ works as a think tank with discussion and debate on the metaphysical, psychological, physiological factors, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy, history, theory, anthropology, ecology and bio mimicry and how they can relate to architecture and design.

our values:

  • ethical
  • integrity
  • respect
  • equality
  • sustainability
  • environment
  • empathy
  • relationships
  • collaboration
  • listen
  • care
  • honesty
  • balance
  • fun
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